I had the chance and the honor to win the casting french voice over for the recording of the new TV spot campaign of the famous BIC brand! The opportunity to promote the new pens Bic Gel-ocity illusion! The pen that allows to write, delete and re-write.

The pen Bic Gel-ocity illusion corresponds to me in every way! Indeed, it allows a great reactivity. In case of error his hooded eraser erases the writing in wink, and you just have to rewrite! No need to look for liquid or dry corrector! A gum stroke, and in a second it’s erased! Awesome no? There are 8 bright and tonic colors (“bright and tonic”… Like me;)). Black, blue, green, red, purple, turquoise, orange, pink… Your scriptures will be full of pep’s and joy, a bit like you and me what 😉 Finally, its tip allows a precise route. A quality to which I always attach great importance in my voice-over recordings.

For this project, Bic was looking for a young and dynamic voice-over. A voice that high school students and students could easily identify with. My high-medium tone and my young, sparkling voice corresponded perfectly to the brief.


How was the voice-over recording?

Following the casting french voice over the recording took place in the studio in Paris, with my clients, the studio team, and the Bic marketing team. The opportunity to best adjust the tone and speed of my voice to their expectations, and the visual of the TV spot. It was a real pleasure to work with them on this project, and to represent through this TV spot a brand that I particularly like.

To find out more about Bic’s Gel-ocity illusion pens, as well as the many stationery products offered by the brand, I invite you to discover their website: