On the occasion of its new campaign of TV spots, the famous brand Bic organized a french female voice-over audition, which I had the chance to win ! This advertising campaign aimed to promote the new Bic Gel-ocity illusion pens ! With this pen, you can write, delete and re-write with a single object.

This novelty signed Bic, perfectly matches me ! First of all, the Bic Gel-ocity illusion pen allows to be reactive. If you make a mistake, don’t panic ! Just erase your writing, thanks to its cap-gum, and re-write over it ! Easy no ? In addition, you will have the choice among 8 bright and toned colors ! «Bright and Toned»… A bit like my voice 😉 Red, green, blue, black, orange, purple, pink or turquoise.. Finally, its tip offers a precise line. Accuracy is one of the qualities I value most in my job.

The goal of french female voice-over audition was to find a voice that the product’s target could easily identify with. A young and dynamic voice, which could have been that of a high school student or a student. My high-medium voice timbre and my freshness, perfectly matched their expectations.

Where was the voice-over recording?

It was in the studio in Paris, with my clients, the marketing team of Bic, and the team of the studio that was hosting us, that I recorded this TV spot. I was able to adjust the flow and tone of my voice as much as possible to meet their expectations and be in line with the graphics of the spot. I have a great memory of this session, and I am very proud to have been able to work for this brand that I very much appreciate.

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