Here is a video in motion design, for which I had the chance to win the french female voice over audition.

I present here, with a young and smiling voice, the products proposed by the company Intervox to accompany seniors in their daily lives. This is the Intervox Zen pack. An innovative concept in the air of time, which ensures a real safety and which allows to reassure the family entourage of the person who is equipped with it. Intervox offers detection, warning and benevolence solutions that connect to the application, informing you about life within the dwelling. In fact, the company offers connected objects that allow you to know in real time, whether the person has risen well, whether the temperature of his housing is ideal, or whether the entrance door is well closed. In addition, the offer is accompanied by a remote assistance system. In case of need, the person equipped with a pendant, only has to press it to contact the telehelper.

To learn more about the products offered by Intervox, visit their website now:

For the voice-over recording of this video in motion design, I slipped into the skin of Jeannette’s little girl. My young and reassuring voice was very well suited to this exercise. I was naturally in tune with the character. It is true that I regularly worry about my grandmother when I get up in the morning. I wonder if she’s okay, if she’s safe, if she doesn’t need something… But I don’t always have the opportunity to call him to make sure. So this solution, proposed by Intervox, totally convinced me.

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