You typed “french voice actress” in Google, because you are looking for a french voice-over for your radio? Welcome!

Here is above a video presentation of MyRadio Project, for which I recorded the antenna dressing.

MyRadio Project allows you to create your custom radio. The more you listen to it, the more it looks like you! Here is the principle: you log in with your facebook account, you select three musical styles that you particularly like, and let’s go, your radio starts ! It’s as simple as that ! Then all you have to do is liken or zap the tracks you broadcast to refine your musical tastes, and get YOUR radio, the one that looks like you. Moreover, no commercial while you’re listening, it’s just music, and it’s totally free.

MyRadio Project offers you a whole new way to listen to the radio ! We knew the streaming platforms, for which a paid subscription is necessary if we do not want our music to be interspersed with pubs… We also knew, classical radio, where it is impossible to escape the commercials, and to choose your music…

MyRadio Project, offers you everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

A radio in your image, free, with only music you like, and without any advertising ! An innovative concept that already has lots of fans ! What is absolutely great is that there is no limit ! No radio currently offers a musical program : French song & rap, dance & classical music, or raggae & country ! And who knows, your musical tastes may be different from the logic proposed by today’s radio stations ! You finally have the opportunity to have your radio, and to design it as you see fit, thanks to MyRadio Project !

So, convinced ? Want to try MyRadio Project ?

Download the app now available for mobile and tablets from the App Store and Google Play. You can also register directly at

Need a french voice actress for your audio project?

Contact me now to tell me about your research. I will be happy to discuss it with you, and to be your voice over! You will find all my contact details on the Contact page of this site.