Here is an explanatory video made for the Metropolitan Pole Nantes – St-Nazaire, in the Loire Atlantique.

The technique used here is the “white board animation”. This technique, consists in representing with felt drawings, on whiteboard, what the voice-over says. It is one of the most used graphic techniques, with motion design, for explanatory videos, tutorials, corporate films or even commercial videos. The white board animation, or video drawn in French, allows to explain in a simple and very clear way sometimes complex concepts. In fact, it allows the various points mentioned to be mapped. Thus, it allows a better understanding and assimilation of information. Moreover, it gives a playful side to the video. The text, even if sometimes technical, seems, thanks to the illustrations, clearer and accessible. This technique is almost always accompanied by a voice-over.This type of video is increasingly appreciated by communication agencies and their customers.

In this video, I present the action plan of the Metropolitan Pole Nantes – St-Nazaire. It is mainly based on four points. Mobility, economic development, support for urban projects and environmental protection. The actions will be carried out by 2020. To learn more, I invite you, (if not already done), to watch the video above. Log on to the website of the Metropolitan Pole Nantes St-Nazaire www.nantessaintnazaire.fr, to learn more about these projects, and about the various actions carried out around Nantes and St-Nazaire.

For the recording of this french voice over explenatory video, I had to present the project clearly, with an assertive and serious voice, but still smiling and dynamic.

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