My clients were looking for a young and dynamic french voice-over, like the character presenting the company Thaumasia in their video in motion design. That’s how they used my voice to play this young woman in each of their videos. I am very proud to have been chosen to become the official voice of the Thaumasia avatar! Especially since we have like a little family look she and I… No, don’t you think?!

Indeed, to choose to associate a voice with a character who represents you is also to mark your identity. In this way, your customers will easily recognize your products, by associating not only the graphic universe, but also the voice-over of your videos, with your brand. In addition, by selecting a young and dynamic french voice-over that stands out, you bring a real plus to your communication strategy. Especially since through my voice, I can communicate to your customers your seriousness, your dynamism, and your enthusiasm to satisfy them.

SUQR, what is it?

In this video in motion design, my role was to present SUQR. SUQR is a new tool developed by the Thaumasia team. This system unified by QR code, simply ensures the transmission of internal procedures or instructions within your company. A practical and effective tool to simplify the daily lives of your employees and facilitate your internal communication. To learn more about SUQR, and discover other Thaumasia products, visit their website: Thaumasia.

Are you also looking for a young and dynamic french voice-over, which could become the “mascot” of your company?

I would love to discuss it with you, and why not become YOUR voice! Feel free to listen to more of my demos on the Demos page, to get a better idea of my voice. And to contact me via the Contact page!