In this motion design video, I explain in real time how to use the mapping page of THD Bretagne.

For this project, THD Bretagne was looking for a voice of french woman. A clear, smiling and dynamic woman’s voice to explain how her mapping works. An explanatory video in motion design is ideal for this type of project. Thanks to this tutorial, we can follow the instructions step by step. As you watch the video, you can perform the various steps on the site. And so know very quickly whether you have access to optical fibre, whether it is under study, whether it is being deployed or whether it will soon be available for your home.

THD Bretagne is a subsidiary of Orange, which operates and markets the fibre optic network, built for Breton communities, by Mégalis Bretagne. It is aimed at both individuals and businesses.

To discover THD Bretagne and find out if you are eligible for the offer, log in now at www.thdbretagne.Bzh. On the site, you can also enjoy the educational space, and follow all the news of the company.

Do you also need a voice of french woman for a voice-over recording?

Send me an email now to present your project! I would love to work with you, and associate my voice with your explanatory video, or any other audio project. All my contact details are available on the Contact page.

Need to listen to other demos to get a better idea of my vocal palette? Go to the demos page. My voice adapts to your expectations. It can be serious but smiling, soft and calm, gourmet, sparkling and fresh or still young and dynamic. If necessary, I can also record a custom demo for your project, so that you have an idea of how my voice is rendered on your text. Contact me to discuss!