That’s when it all starts… on Virgin Radio… While I was radio host of 16h – 20h on Virgin Radio Nantes, I was offered to try myself at the voice-over game! First of all, for recording self-promotional spots for my own show, then for commercials.

Can you tell the rest of the story?

And yes, the love at first sight took place… I discovered an enriching profession, exciting and giving way to creativity and play.

So I took courses with my vocal coach, to train myself in this trade, which even though it is always a question of voice, requires a mastery of certain techniques proper to the voice-over.

First, I made my debut as a voice-over while continuing my activity as a radio animator, and then, as the demands increased I left the mike of the Virgin Radio studio to devote myself fully to voice-over. But you still hear my female voice on the air…

I record self-promos daily for local stations on Virgin radio, from my home-studio.

Whether you live in Marseille, Lille, Caen, Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg, Dijon, Bordeaux, Nice, Montpellier or Nancy, if you listen to Virgin Radio, my female voice at the particular stamp is not unknown to you!

Want to discover or rediscover Virgin Radio?

Virgin Radio is THE pop rock électro radio from the Lagardère group. Discover all the station’s programs, and listen to the radio live, on Virgin Radio’s website:

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