Here is a national radio spot, for the famous international brand: Archos.

This spot was recorded on the occasion of the release of the brand’s new smartphone, the “55 Diamond selfie”. This new mobile, which as its name suggests, offers the possibility to make selfies of superb quality! It therefore targets young students, high school students and high school students. For this voice-over audition, Archos was therefore looking for a professional french voice-over that corresponded to his target: a young adult voice-over, see teen. That’s good timing, my high-medium timbre lends itself very well to this exercise! So I won this audition, for which we expected a smiling, dynamic, cheerful, sparkling and fresh voice.

Archos manufactures all kinds of connected objects, such as tablets, smartphones, PCs, drones, headphones with built-in headphones, or virtual reality headsets. In France, you will find the brand in large stores as well as in specialized stores, its fame is no longer to be made. Archos was able to prove that it produced innovative and high-quality products. To learn more about the latest news and products from the Archos brand, please visit their website at An online shop will even allow you to order directly the product you are interested in.

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