Here is an explanatory video, in which I detail the rules of classical belote. needed a french voice dubbing, to accompany the images and drawings of this explanatory video, made in white board animation.

The goal of the voice audition was therefore to select a smiling and dynamic female voice-over, in order to present the rules of the famous card game.

This type of explanatory video is perfect to present the rules of a game. In fact, we associate the drawings, simple and schematic, with the explanations of the voice-over, for a better understanding and assimilation of the many information. In addition, it gives a playful and engaging side. It is true that it is more attractive to watch a video like this, rather than read an entire page of rules of the game… Especially when you can’t wait to start the game!

Did I convince you to learn how to play belote?

Great bet ! Go to to discover all the secrets of belote. Online, you will discover numerous articles on the strategies to put in place to become a good player, and you will access quizzes to hone your knowledge and acquire new techniques. Finally, you will have access to many courses, depending on your level. Start playing now, by registering on the site!

Are you also looking for a french voice dubbing ?

We can discuss your project by email if you wish. You will find my address on the Contact page of this site. I would be happy to work with you on your motion design, your explanatory video, or any other audio project. I would also gladly participate in your voice-over audition, and could send you a custom demo, if needed.