For this motion design video, Losberger de Boaer’s company needed an assertive and commercial female voice-over to present its activities dynamically. I participated in the french voice over audition organized for the occasion, and I am delighted that my voice was chosen!

Choosing a video in motion design to present his company’s activities offers many advantages. Indeed, in a few minutes (usually two to three minutes), you can illustrate your activities through a fun and dynamic animated video. In addition, this video will be in your image, because the motion design also allows to respect your graphic charter. You will get, therefore, a video summarizing your activity in a clear and simple way, accessible to all, which you can use to promote your business. Choosing the voice over for this type of video is an essential element. Indeed, it is it that translates the images and expresses your message. The images are there to map and illuminate his purpose. It is therefore important to choose THE voice that reflects your company, young and dynamic for example!

This Alsatian company produces for you industrial buildings, storage buildings, as well as modular buildings. She is also the specialist in sports and recreation buildings. For your events and receptions, Losberger de Boer offers a wide range of tents, reception capitals and professional capitals. Today, he is one of the French market leaders in this sector.

Want to learn more about Losberger de Boer’s and its activities? Check out their website now: www.losberger.com.

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