To promote the new mobile app voyages-sncf.com, my client needed a young adult voice, light and played, to accompany this video in motion design.

Here is a video in motion design, of which I made the voice-over recording, to present the schedule of the best prices proposed by the SNCF.

My client wanted a female voice and accomplice, to present the customer service of SNCF travel, through this video in motion design.

Oui.SNCF formerly, Voyages-SNCF, entrusted me with the voice-over recording of the videos in motion design above. For this project, they organized a voice-over casting, in which many voices participated. I had the chance to win it and take a real pleasure to record these french voice-over for video. With each video, its script funny and offbeat ! The opportunity for me, to give way to my good mood, my creativity and the game… ! My fresh, sparkling voice naturally adapted to the tone expected by my client. It was from my professional home studio that the recording took place. As a result, my client was able to attend the recording session via Skype, and provide me live with his expectations and remarks regarding the tone and throughput of my voice, and the intent he wanted to convey to some sentences in the script.

Did I make you want to go to the sun, to the mountains, to the beach? To escape for a few days of laziness and relaxation? 

Download the mobile app Oui.SNCF. It is available for free on Google Play and App Store. With it you can book your train tickets for your next holiday in no time!

You can also connect directly to the site: www.oui.sncf. Online, you will have access to the schedule of the best prices, which will allow you to offer you a holiday, while respecting your budget. You will find tickets from the main cities of France to Paris, or even the most beautiful cities in Europe.


Are you looking for a french voice-over for video ?

Feel free to contact me, contact details are available on the Contact page. I would be happy to lend you my voice!