RCI, has trusted me on several occasions for voice-over recording of explanatory videos. She needed a French native voice talent to explain to her French clients how the RCI Weeks program works and the RCI Points program.

For these motion design explanatory videos, my client was looking for a professional, smiling and dynamic female voice-over.

RCI, what is it?

RCI is a platform that allows you to exchange your home for the holidays.

So you can go halfway around the world, not paying a penny for housing. Indeed, the principle is simple: you offer your house on the site the time of your vacation, and you earn a certain number of points according to several criteria.

Among these criteria, RCI takes into account the number of members who have already stayed in your residence, the number of members who wish to stay there, and the number of members who have already deposited similar weeks. The exchange value of your property also depends on the type of property you are proposing, such as a residence or villa, the surface of your property, as well as the rating the members have assigned to your property. Depending on the location of your property, the time of year may also influence the exchange value.

Once you have acquired your exchange value, all you have to do is exchange it for accommodation in the country that makes you dream! If you choose accommodation whose exchange value is less than that of your house, no worries! You can use the difference on a next trip. So, what will be your next destination? Rome, Miami, Shanghai, Fort-de-France? You just have to make your choice!

Small tip, the earlier you offer your property, the higher its exchange value!So don’t delay, and register now at www.rci.com.

Do you need a French native voice talent ?

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