Are you looking for the soft and posed french voice talent on RFM’s self-promotion spots ? Welcome, you have knocked on the right door… Or found the right site!

RFM entrusts me with the recording of several of its self-promotion spots, broadcast in the biggest cities in France: Marseille, Lyon, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Lille, Pau or Bordeaux, for several years now!

If you are a faithful listener of RFM, it is certain, my soft and posed female voice-over is not unknown to you!

In fact, from my home studio, I record daily off-air advertising for the local radio stations of the Lagardère group. For these recordings, my soft and posed female voice-over adapts to RFM’s image and its target.

At the office, at home, on holiday, in the car… you can listen to the best of music all over France, on RFM, from the website www.rfm.fr or via the free downloadable app on Google Play and App Store.

It is a real pleasure to work daily for this beautiful antenna, and to promote through my voice, the promotional operations and games set up by the teams of the various local antennas of the station.

Why do you need RFM?

The best of French song, the greatest pop-rock artists, a morning that wakes you up and accompanies you to the office in a good mood, lots of gifts, the most beautiful concerts in France… that’s what RFM offers you every day. Discover all the programs, and all the latest RFM news on the station’s website.

If you need a french voice talent, don’t hesitate, contact me !