Here is an e-learning training module, created for the FEP Compagny and for which I recorded the voice-over.

Adding an e-learning french voice-over to your images, helps to accompany the person who is training by ensuring that he remains attentive and focused. This is an essential part of your training ! For this type of project, my voice becomes smiling, gentle and pedagogical. Thus, my voice-over recording is intended to help the learner to understand and assimilate the information communicated to him. In addition, choosing a young voice such as mine, allows to maintain a certain dynamism throughout the training, and to give a challenging side to your project.

Smartri is a tertiary waste management tool. First, thanks to it, you build your waste management offers. Second, you access the qualified directory of collectors. And finally, you report on the collections. With Smartri, you will be able step by step, carry out a site audit, materialize your proposal on a plan and distribute the communication kit for its employees to the contractor. Smartri is an innovative solution designed for cleaning companies and their customers. Smartri also offers you new features to optimize your business processes. To learn more about this tool, visit the “Sustainable Cleanliness Solutions” website:

Looking for an e-learning french voice-over for your project?

Send me an email now, my e-mail adress is available on the Contact page. I will be pleased to respond and discuss with you your need for voice-over. I could also, offer you a custom demo. This will allow you, if necessary, to get a more precise idea of the final rendering of your e-learning module with my voice.