Are you listening to Spotify for free, without a subscription? Then you know my voice… Indeed, I am one of the Spotify’s french female voice-over talent ! One of the ones you hear between your favorite songs !

You know… that voice that tells you that if you subscribe, you will no longer have to endure it… That you can listen to all your favorite tracks unlimited, and without advertising… Well it’s me 😉 That’s my voice! I very often lend my voice to the self-promo spots broadcast on Spotify !

You never heard Spotify’s french female voice-over talent ?

If you knew what you missed… ! I’m kidding, it’s never too late to do well ! I invite you to discover Spotify for free on your computer, or even on your tablet or smartphone, thanks to the app available on the App Store and Google Play. Even without subscribing, you can create your own playlists, discover new artists, listen to your favourite tracks of the moment… Wherever you are : at the office, at home, in public transport, at the beach, on holiday abroad… You will never run out of music again ! And if you become addicted, you may even be able to hear my voice 😉

By subscribing to a premium package (for €9.99 per month), you can listen to your offline playlists. Several offers are offered, especially for students and families. Discover them now on the Spotify website:

Recording french female voice-over on Spotify, is always very nice! The scripts leave room for the game and allow me to express my creativity. They are perfect for a youthful and dynamic tone, and a fresh and sparkling voice like mine ! I love working with the entire Spotify team throughout the year on their various voice-over projects.