My story with voice-over begins here : on Virgin Radio.

At the time, I hosted my radio show from  4pm to 8pm on Virgin Radio Nantes. A local program in which I offered gifts to my listeners. To invite them to listen to the show, I was asked to record self-promotion spots. Being rather comfortable in this exercise, I then had the opportunity to try out radio advertising.

And what a discovery… a fabulous job ! An opportunity to make way to my creativity, to develop my acting, to work on lots of different and rewarding projects… It was a real crush !

However, it was not won ! Although my training as a radio host had taught me some essential voice-over techniques, others were still unknown to me. Without hesitation, I took courses with my vocal coach (herself voice-over among others) to fill my gaps, and train me in this new profession.

At first, I started my activity as a voice-over talent  while continuing to host the  radio show from 4pm to 8pm of Virgin Radio. And then, with more and more orders being made, I had to make a choice… I left the microphone on the Virgin Radio antenna to record only the self-promo of the station’s local antennas. From my home-studio, I record every day spots for the various antennas of Virgin Radio in France, and lend my voice as a french young adult voice talent to many other audio projects.

If you are listening to Virgin Radio in Nancy, Strasbourg, Lyon, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Marseille, Lille or Caen, then you must have heard my voice already !

Curious to know more about Virgin Radio?

The station belongs to Lagardère group, as well as RFM and Europe 1. It’s the best pop rock electro radio ! To listen to live radio, and discover all the programs, go to

You can also take Virgin Radio’s electro pop rock sound anywhere with you, thanks to the mobile app and tablet, available on Google Play and App Store.

Are you looking for a french young adult voice talent for the voice over of an audio project?

I invite you to discover my voice on the demos page.